National Guild of Hypnotists Certified Hypnosis Instructor Course

Certified Hypnosis Instructor Training
By Ron Eslinger
Internationally Accredited by the National Guild of Hypnotists

Download and complete the “Train the Trainer” intake form then follow the instructions on the form. “Click here to open the intake form”

NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor (CI) course will teach you to teach!

Use your experience, desire and passion to teach others hypnosis through the NGH Certified Hypnosis Instructor Course! Known to those that have taken it and those that want to take it as the TTT course.

Train with Capt. Ron Eslinger, USN Retired, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist, Board Certified Hypnotist, and Certified Master Instructor.

You must qualify to take this course!

If you qualify you will learn how to organize, instruct, coach and mentor others.

This NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) approved “Train the Trainer” course is designed for graduates of the 100 hour NGH Certified Hypnotist (CH) Course.

Please make arrangements for a review course prior to the NGH Certified Instructor Course if your original certification is through a different organization or if you did not receive all NGH course materials.


Day #1

Learning How to Train Others (How to teach so others can effectively learn). I have had way to many CHs take my NGH CH course because, they felt they did not get what they needed to be an effective trainer. You want your students to say you are the best teacher/trainer they have ever had.

When you train your students they will graduate with confidence knowing that, they know how to hypnotize others for preventive health issues, and that they have a foundation for expanding their practice.

Day #2 Morning

How to be an Effective Public Speaker (Not only to your class but to organizations. Increase your financial success!)

Day #2 Afternoon

Marketing Your Training (Students don’t come to you in the beginning. You must learn how to recruit)

Learn how to go about getting corporate and government contracts. Where to get free state training on best practices for business success.

Day #3

NGH Book #1 and teaching practice. You will be assigned a chapter to teach prior to course start date.

Day #4

NGH Book 1 & 2 with practice teaching and discussion and video learning.

Day #5

Continuing NGH Book 2 with and course review and student test practice.

Open forum.

Graduation Lunch.


Ron Eslinger is a Recipient of:

  • Hypnosis Research Award 2003
  • Ormond McGill Chair for best presenter of the year 2004
  • Recipient of the Order of the Braid 2006
  • Lifetime Achievement Award 2007
  • Hypnotism Hallmark Award, Instructor of the Year 2008

Ron Eslinger is known in hypnosis circles as a top instructor and more personally as “The King of Pain” for his pioneering work, in using hypnosis for pain management. Practicing in clinical, office and hospital settings for a span of over 40 years.

Through out this course Ron Eslinger will teach you to teach others to become Certified Hypnotists. Presenting the materials from a perspective that few if any one other NGH Instructor can offer. Using his clinical, operating room and hypnotherapy background Ron Eslinger can give even the most seasoned hypnotist a fresh outlook on your own practice as well as prepare you to train others in hypnosis.


“A reallife educational experience! Very down to earth and highly useful. This course teaches you to teach. Not a review of what I already know. Ron brings out each students strength to others while at the same time addressing their weakness and turning the weakness around. Very personalized attention to each student. An absolutely awesome experience.” 

Robert Bass

To Apply for this course you must:

1. Download and complete the “Train the Trainer” intake form then follow the instructions on the form. “Click here to open the intake form”

2. Ron Eslinger will contact you to schedule a phone interview.

3. Pay the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) for the course.

Also please check out the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) “Code of Ethics”

To contact our office about this course please call (866) 312-3159

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